recommend component video cables?

Hi all!
Please give me your recommendations for component cables for connecting a progressive-scan DVD to a HDTV? And, do you see a difference (better) over S-video?
There's definitely a difference, rather large one, in component over S-video (even interlaced). Color saturation is the biggest gain. As to cable recommendations: I have used the Ultra and compared it to Audioquest's YIQ-4. The Audioquest is slightly better, but only slightly and would probably only be perceptable on a very good projector system. In my opinion it does not justify the cost. Bettercables has outstanding quality (both image and manufacturing) and is a real value.
Ditto to Abstract7's recommendation. I have tried several different component video cables, and am currently using a set from, which I am very pleased with. You could pay more, but you won't do any better than BetterCables' component cable.