Recommend CD player

Recently, I just listen to the combination of the CEC TL1 + Sonic Frontier SFD-2 MkII. The sound was supreme, very smooth and has a very dept sounstage revealed layer by layer. The price for the used combo is around $3000. However, I was thinking that the combo is old now(almost 7-8 years technology)and we should try something new for today. Has anyone here has any suggestion on what CD that has the sound characteristic like this or better?

Thank in advance for any opinion.
Audio Aero Capitol 2 probably has everything your looking for and more bass also
Another choice is the Esoteric DV 50. Gives you SACD, DVD-A and DVD as well. Might not be quite up to the Audio Aero on Redbook, but not that far behind. Little higher than your 3k...seen them used for $3600-$4000.
I've been waiting untill I can afford a used Parasound Ultra 2000 which was made by CEC. I have a relatively new Arcam DV-89 which does a terrific job w/ CD's and DVD-A.
I would recommend the North Star 192 Dac and Transport. Very smooth combination with detail I never thought possible without the harsh digital glare that I have experienced in other high end digital front ends. I have owned Wadia, Cary, Musical Fidelity, Classe, ETC... This is the best that I have heard in my system. I use the coax input with my DVD player for amazing 2 channel movie sound and the i2s connection from the Dac to the Transport for incredible CD reproduction.

In my opinion, worth an audition.
i think they or so manny good cd player&dvd player
on the market but
i think cec is one of best transport in the world
that alljlf wood be good to find a cdplayer
for under $1000.00 that realy wood blow or mind away
i wish american company wood step up to the plate
& make great gear so we dont have to keep paying for the boat charge
i think they or so manny good cd player&dvd player
it all depen on what of money you have to spend
i think cec is one of best transport in the world
that alljlf sr
the absolute World's best CD player available today without question is the Great Northern Sound Company Statement modified Wadia 861 SE which is 100% American made
What about Sim Audio Equinox and/or Nova ?

The Equinox is getting some great reviews lately and has 10 years warranty.
To clarify matters.The NORTH STAR 192 combo is great but @ 5000$USD.I wanted a pair but couldn't afford it.Chalitr the 3000 asking for CEC & Sonic Frontiers I think is still a good deal.That CEC is a very solid transport.I personally like it a lot.Smooth belt drive.SF is excellent too.I would go for it.I paid about that for my used transport/DAC.
KRELL/ARC(1989-94 production pieces).One can argue about improved D/A converters but for transports I believe the older ones are more solidly build,than the current ones.I keep my eyes open for a nice KRELL reference 64 dac ,they will compete with anything out there,I hear.My two cents.
To clarify matters. There are a number of North Star 192 Combination units available on Audiogon for under $3000. The asking prices are around $2500. There are also a number of North Star 192 Combination units that are being offered with warrantees from authorized dealers at what I am sure are discounted rates. I do not think that there is anything better out there for under $5K. I again, suggest an audition of these components.
Yes again North Star combo is terrific,particularly the transport that is designed around Philips Cd -pro 2 top loader mechanism.My only small concern besides the retail price on it,is that they are made in Italy by a small firm,which rises questions for future service if needed.
Look at Electrocompaniet ,I heard they went under or something.In any case they are very solid performers and deserve high recommendations.
Hi all guys,

Thank for all comment and recommendation that all of your guy pressing on here. The only problem about North Star is we don't have this brand selling in my country (Thailand). (Perhap I should get some WWW address and get order from them). So, the chance to audition is quite low. Currently, I still look on the others alternative like one pieces CD player. The populaer brand here is Accuphase. Has any one compare them with Accupahse 65 or 75 model? Other is Wadia. Meridian also one of the brand that sell here.

FYI. currently I used the Micormega Drive2 + Dac. This combo was the top of the line of the popular Micromega stage2 several years ago. I like to upgrade them because I feel that listen to the orchestra music, there is not full fill my requirement, in term of soundstage. Sound is a little dry and more congest when the instrument play at the same time.
try a gamut cd1
But you have SimAudio, right? Try Nova, and then see if you still want to try others...