recommend an upgrade lsa statements

These are my options...sell them, have them modded by someone i trust. assuming that I will sell them..Im looking for a noticeable upgrade in the sound overall. My interest is in Vapor Sound Breeze/stiff breeze, harbeth open to thouights and ideas..oh add one more the reference 3a de capo
I went from LSA signatures to Vapor Breeze. I have heard the Statements and they are nice. LSA makes a very good speaker but the Vapor Breeze are a major, MAJOR step up.
awesome feedback, anybody else..
Just buy the Stiff Breeze already. You won't be sorry.
Clearwave Duet 6 monitors.
I'm breaking in a pair right now and can't believe my luck.

All the best,
I had the statements and then I auditioned sound field audio m1's. The statements went up for sale soon after. Best speaker I've heard of their size.