recommend an upgrade from KEF Q90s

I really liked my KEF Q90s. They played reasonably loud, were reasonably accurate and I bought them dirt cheap in the early 90's. I have a 'high end' system with low powered tubes and only used the Q90s in the home theater system powered by Adcom amps. I enjoyed the Q90s when I needed more volume for heavy rock or hip-hop or anything the wee-power tube system couldn't handle. Sadly, the Q90 cabinets are falling apart, the drivers are buzzing on higher volumes, and I believe they are just 'done'.

I am thinking about building the Zaph audio Scanspeak revelator kit from Madisound, but I thought I would come here first and ask around. Someday I'd like to upgrade the Adcoms but they aren't too bad. When I do upgrade the Adcoms, I don't want to be wishing I spent more on speakers. So, what do you think I should do with a budget < $2,000 ? Thank you kindly for any recommendations.
Kef q900 list for $1800
Hi Dave

Are you looking for speakers under $2000 new or used? I'm sure you still want to go with floorstanders right?

You have so much to chose from nowadays. Whew. More details may be needed for membership to give you recommendations.

I'm glad to see another KEF Q90 owner. I didn't think there were many out here in the forum. I owned a pair till the tweeter in the Uni-Q driver got messed up. Repair costs were too much.

I replaced them with KEF 104/2s that were re-furbished. Sound was so much more grand and better. Was really good with heavy rock, hip hop, jazz etc in my predominantly solid-state system.

Just at first thought for under $2000 I would get the KEF 105/3s used.

Good luck with your search.
Recently listed to the KEF C700's at our local dealer and they were nice sounding. (I thought the C300 was a better value. Limited bass naturally, compared to the C700.) If you have a Kef dealer close by, give a listen. But, as others have said, there are so many choices.