Recommend an "adiophile worthy" pen?

Off topic, but the high end pen market is just as prolific as stereo. Any recommendations?
I've been looking at Cross, Waterford Kilbarry WF/452/GBL, Sensa, and even "Visconti Homo Sapiens: the first pen ever to be forged from volcanic lava from Mt. Etna in Sicily Italy."
If you're buying a pen to actually use, as opposed to collect, you need something that feels good in your hand when you're writing. This leaves out a lot of the high-end pens with odd shapes and sharp edges. I happen to like the Pelican ballpoint for everyday use. I also like the fact that it takes a Parker gel refil, which is a very nice, smooth ink - almost like a cross between a ballpoint and a roller.
Has anyone compared Waterman to Pelikan to MontBlanc ball point pens?

Is there a cheap pen that can take these ball point pen refills?