Recommend an MC alternative to Clearaudio Maestro

I currently have the Clearaudio Maestro Wood cart (V1) on a Clearaudio Satisfy Tonearm. I've always used MM carts and I'd like to finally give MC a shot. Are there any good MC carts at ~$1000 (or less) that are on par with the Maestro cart? Ideally I'd like to try something relatively inexpensive to start, but my concern is that comparing the Maestro to a cheap MC will be like comparing apples to oranges. Any thoughts?
The Audio Technica AT33EV is quite good and not too expensive. And a lot of folks like the Denon DL103r. But they are very low output-- about 0.25mV so you'd likely need somewhere between 61 to 72dB of total gain from your phono stage.

A lot of folks load the AT33EV at around 100 ohms but I achieved a more natural treble balance loading it at 80 ohms.

I had exactly that cartridge(Maestro) on exactly the same arm(satisfy, ambient tt). After a cleaning accident(cantilever), I bought a shelter 501 mkII. I was very happy with the shelter for quite awhile. I think for the money the shelter is also a good option, although im not sure how much they run these days. I picked mine up for I think 900, but it was a few years ago now.
Rlowe - did you notice any specific difference between the Shelter and the Maestro? What cart are you using now?

I really liked the shelter. Specific difference between it and the maestro? I remember thinking when I installed it, wow this is good. But in fairness, the maestro is a dam fine mm. I put the shelter on the summer of 2008, and was really impressed with it. I used it happily until early 2012.

The shelter worked well for me, and I haven't considered going back to mm. I find every time I go up the cartridge food chain so to speak, I hear finer details from the recordings. The shelter was more refined, and presented details in the recordings I didn't hear before. I thought it was quicker if you like, and more detailed than the maestro. It is as it should be. mcs should be quicker and more detailed. At the time I liked what I was hearing

I was then using a primare r20 phono stage into an antique sound labs 300b with 3a di cappos, (ambient tt). The system worked/works for me.

I am currently using a benz lp, which is just out of this world as far as im concerned. I have also changed the phono pre from primare to fosgate. Those two changes were huge, but ...see below, costly.

I think the shelter is a very good value cartridge. You get a lot for your dollar.(ie. it is not stretching the limits with respect to the law if diminishing returns). I was happy I bought the shelter.