Recommend an integrated amp, $800-$1000

I'm in the market for an integrated amp, new or used, with a budget of $800 - $1000. I'll be using it (for now) with a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 5i speakers, with the primary source being my Performance SE turntable. I'd like the option to add a sub at some point if needed. I listen mainly to 70's soft rock, jazz, and a little classical and country, all at low to moderate volumes in a converted bedroom. The only ones I've listed to at the dealers are a NAD C326BEE and a Peachtree Decco, and I preferred the NAD. What about Marantz PM8004 or a used Naim Nate 5i-2, or used Creek 50A? Other suggestions that would work well???
If you have any interest in tubes and don't mind a very simple integrated amplifier, the Yaqin MC-30L is really impressive and affordable. A subwoofer could be added using speaker level inputs, I think.

Otherwise, something with a home theater bypass would give the most flexibility. The Peachtree would be on my list.
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Take a look at the Outlaw Audio RR2150 receiver. It's slightly below your target budget range. We recently picked one up for a second system, and it is excellent. Easy to add a subwoofer if desired, as there's a sub output with adjustable crossover. Nice for LP playback as well: the included MM phono stage is surprisingly good. Lot of bang for the buck overall, and it's a nice looking unit as well, albeit not as compact as some others out there.
Marantz PM8004. It's made in Japan alongside the Reference Series components and not in China. Try to find someone like Music Direct who will allow you to audition one.

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Your speakers are very good. I had the 8i's myself. I got best results with a Creek 5350SE. You can definitely get a used one in your budget. I had the Naim also and thought it was very overrated. Even though the price was close, the Creek was in a completely different league. I don't think the 50A is made in the UK. The 5350 is. The 5350 phono state option are also very good (given their price).
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Rega Brio, Naim Nait, Exposure 2010.
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Audio Refinement - if you can find one used.
I second the RR2150. I've owned many integrateds and I will always hang onto the Outlaw. It is great. Above all the functions, it sounds great.
NAD fantastic bang for the buck. Years of listening pleasure and solid construction. Lots of options to purchase gently used model on this site.
Thanks for the input, looks like lots of good choices in this price range. Need to do some research on some of the models mentioned and find some reviews.
In case there are any more suggestions, I forgot to mention that I will also be using a Phonomena II phono stage, so the integrated amp won't necessarily have to have a built in phono stage.
A used Portal Panache is a real nice integrated amp. I have owned one for several years. I am one of the few that did not care for the rr250. I purchased a unit when they first came out. Has great reviews but was not thrilled with the sound our the build quality, Just one mans opinion. Good luck and please report back on what you decide.