Recommend an Audiophile Quality Speaker $750

I'm helping a co-worker put together a system but he REFUSES to spend a lot of money. He wanted to spend $500 on speakers but I got him to go to at least $750. He wants new because he wants a warranty. The only ones I can think of are the Usher S-520 and the Magnepan MMG. Anything else?

Thanks in advance.
Paradigm studio 20s or ck out audioadvisor
$800 will get a pair of KRK VXT6 active speakers. He'll save money on electronics. Depending on the source, an inexpensive passive volume control can be used instead of a true preamp. He can add a subwoofer later as funds become available.
Powered KRK's is a good suggestion.

Another consideration, the PSB Image T45 towers. $800/pr list,

Also, check out the open box specials here, including the T65 (2 models up) for $719.95/pair. Check with the vendor; some of his offerings have full factory warranty.

I have a cross-country internet buddy whom I helped put together a $2K system. He got a pair of T65s from this vendor and is powering it with an Onkyo A-9555 integrated amp on my recommendation. Digital source is an Oppo DV-980H feeding a Musical Fidelity V-DAC; LP source is an SL1210M5G w/fluid damper, LPGear headshell, AT150MLX cart, and Cambridge 640P phono stage.

He's very pleased with the results.
Epos M5i and B&W 685 would both fit the bill nicely especially if the room is not very large.

Good suggestions. Sounds like you know from what you speak!!
If your talking used, how about Vandersteen 2ce or 2ci's?
He said specifically he's *not* talking used because he wants a warranty.
The 800 lb gorilla in the room...with what is he going to power these speakers???
06-24-09: Soulbrass
The 800 lb gorilla in the room...with what is he going to power these speakers???
That's why I mentioned both the PSB Image tower series *and* the Onkyo A-9555 to power them. The Onkyo is an excellent match with speakers like the Image T-series, and can had for around $500. This combo, especially when bi-wired, is fast, neutral, and dynamic. It sounds like what would have been a very expensive rig just a few years ago.

In my case, the Onkyo replaced an Amber amp/preamp stack as well as besting a 50-lb. 150 wpc VSP Labs very high current amp.
The Focal line is very credible in this price range. And so are the others mentioned.
Vandersteen 1C
easy to drive, decent bass
can grow with electronics upgrade, will love an inexpensive tube integrated.
Warranty on speakers??? Thy still do that?

Just make sure that he doesn't overdrive the speakers and he don't need no stinkin' warranty.
I think you'd have a hard time beating the MMG. I'm a Maggie owner, so I'm a bit biased, but I don't know of anything in the price range that's eevn in the same class if you want a solid, musical performer. I think you have to give some consideration to the type of music your friend listens to and if he'll have the proper power amp to handle the MMG. Lot's of possibilities otherwise and some great suggestions made so far, but i'd still lean toward the MMG as a first choice.
Definitive Technology BP 7004's used. With your Onkyo they would absolutely rock your world. They have built in powered subs, and are bi-polar. I think these are some of the great deals in audio.

I own Maggies too, and love the MMG's, but you need a pretty powerful amp to make them sing.
The answer here also depends on bandwidth requirements. I agree that MMGs would be hard to beat, but...they need power and they also have real limitations on the bottom end. However, those limitations are not so severe that ALL listeners would have an issue. Some will.

If the co-worker can supply an amp with enough grunt and doesn't mind the lack of in-room response below app 50hz, I'd point him to the MMGs. If those are issues, maybe the NHT M-00 powered monitors with the matching sub (app $800 for the set) might be a good call.

Keep him as a friend only. I've made recommendations, built systems and computers for friends and now I'm 24/7 tech support for life

What's your friends source and amp, musical interest, room size, ect? $750 for a pair of mew speakers isn't a bad price and can get you some very good sounding speakers, but certain realities must be understood. First of all, most of his listening will probably have to be done as a somewhat reasonable volume, especially if the room is beyond medium sized, and chances are while he can get tuneful and tight bass, more than likely it won't be all that deep.
In addition to the Ushers I'd look at Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1, Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5, Energy RC-10, and Silverline Minuet just to name a few and not necessarily in that order.
Eminent Technology 8 you get a lot of speaker for the money.
Check out AV123. I think the speakers I heard were the Xstatics. Definitely on the extreme value side of the scale.
I belive they were made in South America.
You should not give him any advice except to listen to as many as he can before buying. I suspect that he could get much better sound were he to build his own.