recommend an amplifier for rockport mira 1

Just purchased a rockport mira 1. The amp i listened with is a krell monoblock system which cost is far over my required budget. My budget is around $5000-$6000 max.

Any recommendations for an amp for the rockport mira 1?
room size is 6m x 4m

Finding something that will be musical and allow me for long hours listening with no fatigue. Spacious, big and dynamic sounding. No need to be neutral and flat. Just to need to enjoy the music and no need for extreme clarity and detail.

music style is versatile. I listen to most musics except orchestra and chamber music. From jazz to blues to rock to acoustics to instrumentals. I prefer instrumental music to vocals.

Usually listen at moderate to high volumes. Almost no low volume listenin (headphones at night)
Maybe a Butler TDB-2250? Go to for more info...

While I have not heard these speakers, if you liked the sound with the Krell amplifiers when you heard the speakers, there are Krell amplifiers in your price range that might be worth a listen.
Rockport uses Gryphon Class-A amps (I'm sure among others) when voicing their speakers, but they may be out of your price range. However, considering that along with the sound characteristics you're looking for another Class-A amp might be just the ticket. I think something from Clayton Audio would be a great match, or maybe a used Plinius SA-103 or Pass Labs amp. Just make sure whatever amp you get has enough power to allow the Miras to open up to their fullest. You might ask Rockport for recommendations as well. Best of luck.
I've heard Rockport with Ayre power and was VERY impressed. Granted it was a top shelf Ayre system (KX-R/MX-R) but I wouldn't hesitate to pair one of the lower priced Ayre model amps with Rockport speakers.
I would recommend either the 100 wpc Lamm M1.1 (full Class A) or the 200 wpc Lamm M2.1 (Class A/B albeit heavily biased into Class A), monoblocks - I own the latter btw. Both have a single 6922 tube so both amps have a nice touch of tube sound. (And with only one tube in each amp, tube rolling is relatively cheap and easy.) Both amps have rock solid bass response and a lovely mid-range. FYI: Both are just a touch dark soinding. Used they run around $6-7K.

I should also point out that both are no longer in production, although their successors are, the M1.2 & M2.2. My friend uses the M2.2 with his Rockport Antares. However both of these cost around $8-10K used.

My two cents worth anyway.
Thanks for the suggestions :) i was given a good deal for a ARC vs110 and ARC sp-16 combo for 4k. Do you rekon the ARC pre/power is a good match for the mira? Can it drive the mira well?

Heres the spec for vs110
Can kinda sorta help. I heard Ankaa's driven by an ARC Classic 60. The preamp was a Shindo. CD player was AA Capitole Classic. I was wanting for VERY little, and I'm not a digital guy. I really thought that particular ARC amp w/ the Shindo pre sounded great. Haven't heard the Mira's, but Andy couldn't make a bad speaker. Congrats on your Mira's.