Recommend an amp for two sets of speakers

I'm in a quandry. I have two different pairs of speakers that I like and want to keep both. (I won't name them so that we keep the thread to the topic at hand). One is very efficient, 95db/8ohm and the other 89db/8ohm. I'm using a 30W SET and doesn't work so well with the latter speaker (also sealed enclosure design). I also have a sub.

Looking for an amp that runs both ultralinear and triode. Ideally 100W in ultra and 50W triode. I know of the older Cary and the Prima Luna. What others?
I'm just throwing this out since I know nothing about various tube amps or their quality, but Rogue amps seem to be favorable with a lot of Audiogoners.

Well this is twice as difficult since you have two sets of speakers.
Try M or M. Manely or McIntosh.

Manely Snapper 100 watt ultralinear
McIntosh MC2102 100 watt
McIntosh MC275 75 watt
Look at the Antique Sound Labs Hurricanes for sale on this site. That should do it.
Forgot to mention...the max recommended power on the 95db speaker is 60W.

Sounds-Real...what?? No amp recommendation for $50K this time?
I think VTLs run both triode and ultralinear, dont they?

You could also run very high current, powerful 50+watt amps. Zanden monos. Wavac 805s??? not sure they have as much power.

If you do wish to consider SS, you could run Vitus which is one heckuva 50 watt Class SS amp. Many people say its got way more dynamic headroom than most amps...and as a result it can seem dramatically louder, more power and more dynamic than other speakers due to this headroom.

Good luck and pls keep us posted!


I just wasn't sure what your budget was... Now that I know I would certainly recommend the Vitus Audio SIA-025. At $25,000 it is reported in tas to bring music to life. While I don't sell them I audiofelt would like me to disclose that if you want one I could possibly expend the effort to become a dealer.

I wonder if it could possibly bring this thread to life.
Sounds real - I've heard very good things about Vitus but that's way beyond my reach of $4K or less.