Recommend amp for 2 channel HT

I find myself with an extra set of floorstanding, high efficiency mains and a DVD player with no amplification, so I thought I would put them together. Any idea for a decent, budget amp to power the DVD player? Would any stereo reciever do the trick? Will 2 channel DVD work if I plug it in to the CD input of a receiver?
Try a NAD C 320BEE integrated at $400 new (it's what I use for 2 channel HT) or a Denon DRA 395 ($400 new) 2 channel receiver. The DVD player would plug into any input (AUX or CD) and would work just fine. Be sure to set the simulated surround feature on your DVD player and your system will sound like you have the full set of HT speakers.

Regards, Rich
Check out Innersound ( Very impressive sounding amps