Recommend alignment protractor

Can anybody recommend an alignment protractor. I bought a geodisc, but now that I have it in hand, I think I may want something a little more precise. I'm using it on an Immedia rpm-1 table and arm (unipivot).
jj2468 sells a good two-point Baerwald protractor for just $20. The mirrored surface makes it easy to see and correct small cantilever alignment errors.

It would be nice if the TTB's alignment grids were scribed with thin lines rather than printed with thick ones. That's what the class-leading Wallytractor has, but the Wally costs $150 and there's often a 3-6 month wait.
I'm good with the ole DB protractor. But my favorite was the van den Hul mirrored one with a very fine alignment grid (I can't remember if it's scribed or not.) They used to come only w/ the cartridges, then they weren't available at all. Now they're available as an accessory from van den Hul USA for $20.

That's the first time I've seen or heard of that VdH gauge. It looks excellent, and nicely compact too. I may pick one up just for ha-ha's. Thanks!
A quick caution in re: the ttb protractor. The spindle hole is very snug and the protractor itself is quite brittle. Don't try to force it over a wide spindle. It will slip down, but won't come off. I snapped mine that way. It is cheap and does work well, though.
Thank you for both suggestions. Now, to choose one.

On another note: I looked at the ven den hul website and it offers a "non-magnetic screwdriver". Is such a thing really important? If so, does anybody ever wear a static wrist strap like you wear when working on a computer? Or am I going to far with this?
Yes there's a good reason for the non-FERROUS screwdriver. The magnets in a MC cart. are pretty strong, and could attract the shank of a ferrous (iron or steel) screwdriver toward the cartridge with enough force to (if you're not paying attention) hit and damage the cantilever (oops!) or worse, if it happens to be a naked cartridge.