Recommend aftermarket power cords on turntables?

Do aftermarket power cords on turntables make as much of a difference as they do for other components? I just got a Scout and there is a detachable power cord. Mmmm....more upgrades :-)
I use a cryo version Virtual Dynamics Power 3 with my Scout and have been quite happy with it.
I have a SME 20/2 and power cord on the motor controller do make a big diff for me. You have to try it...
Synergistic Research AC Reference on my Oracle Delphi IV, it's the least I can do for my baby
Ah, I love quartz lock drive!
Arthur Salvatore has highly praised the Purist Audio Colossus PC for turntables. There are several for sale at
the moment on Audiogon.
Don't waste your money. It's a motor. ErnieM's Power Products.
I hate spending money on cables, there's so little satisfaction. But better power cords make a large difference in the sound of a record player. Fortunately, there's a cheap fix. Make a power line out of solid core electrical wire (your house is wired with it, after all, what's changing the last two metres going to do?), roughly 18 or 20 gauge so as not to cause too much physical strain, terminate it with a plug bought at the local hardware store, and solder it directly to your 'table's power input (imitating the layout of the previous power-line). Don't do this with the 'table plugged in, however! Once confident all's been carefully imitated and is solid, let'er rip, you'll be amazed, and for roughly $5! And you've saved yourself the humiliation of giving your money to snake-oil salesmen, and can put it towards a better cartridge! For removeable cords, add IEC connector at other end, just make sure ground goes to ground! Sit back, enjoy, laugh.