Recommend AC Power cord for my Krell FPB 200?????

Dearest Audiogoners,
I need some serious advice. Audiogoners, who have gone beyond!!!! the whole AC power cord phenomenon. Want to replace my stock cord on my Krell FPB 200, what would be the perfect choice?? was thinking JPS, Harmonic Tecxhnology Fantasy AC 10,Shunyata and so forth. I was hoping someone with the same amp could share his experience. Thanks so much.
Just make sure whatever you choose has at least 10 AWG conductors. Otherwise forget it.
I would start with VH Audio Flavor 4 cords. Probably the best deal in Audio for Power cords ! If you can afford more money ( much more ! ) more power to yah!
I would strongly recommend the DCCA ref1 pc.
Your Krell will be very happy with this pc.
They are unknown, I prefer them, with the
name brand, I use to have IMS.I am using
it with my BAT500, PliniusSA100, Oddyssey
Stratos,with an amazing result.Its worth
auditioning this powercords.Thanks
Hello, I have discussed this in person with Dan D'Agostino, MR KRELL in case you did not know. He does not give you a choice on his more expensive gear, the cords are captive. If your stock cord is not a Belden Cable product, get one. Heavy, American made, well insulated,inexpensive. Dan says, and I agree, that there are miles and miles of cheap, noise gathering, non-cunducting aluminum cable feeding the meter to your house,and "you are going to fix that in the last six feet?" Do you plug this amp into a dedicated line? This is a must. Is the rest of your system Krell caliber? Also a must. Hope this helps. Z.
Save your money. Krell amplifiers don't seem to benefit much from power cable changes.
I agree with Zieman. Have recently picked up a pair of Wolff Silver Carbon power cables on EBay. At $60 each with a retail of $600, the thought I was doing great after winning the auction. Well it turned out the Belden stock power cables were superior sounding. Go figure.
Kazoo, I find it most interesting that you found those cords on E-Bay already since they have only been in production for
3 months. On Audiogon you indicated that you tried them on your cd player, here you indicated that they were used on a Krell amp.
If you did purchase some used 3 month old Source cords, I hope you didn't use them on an amplifier since they are rated at a maximum of 350 watts and are for source equipment only.
Perhaps what you picked up was a old Carbon Silver cord which were made of twisted Belden wire and sold for $150.
I really do hope you figure out what you have and what is to be used for.
Were you planning on posting your dissatisfation anywhere else? I can give you a few more places if you are in the mood.
Michael Wolff
Hate it when folks change subject or reccomend alternative products w/o real and knowlegeable comparison products they have mentioned.Done all the time here.But I think a call to Krell would be in order to ask "If not from you from whom".I always try to ask bang for the buck as well.Folks say it so many times so many in fact it's probaly true that investing a 20 amp line into the house makers sense.AC regenerators (unless for source components that really need them) need apply.But to be guilty of what I mentioned before try some Cardas cables upstream.I am not into cables which attach blocks to rob frequency extremes to make you go "oh gosh what a abtter mid range" on a number of expensive cables but a set of Cardas that fit your budget might be a great move.My buddy got sold a "unmentioned" set of pricey cables and when I got him a pair of Cardas's which cost half the price they removed some of the metalic nasties in the mids and the shop took back his higher priced cables.Wouldn't use with tubes but Cardas does nice things with Krell.Haven't used there power cords but Dan D'Agostino is probably on the money when he said what he did.Try the Beldens (wonder what the thickest guage they make is?).BTW it was your amp using the Cradas wires all the way through (kept it cheapest on speaker)fed into a pair of B&W 803N's.Latter when I put a pair of Sound Anchor "stands" between the speakers and his thin plywood floor I was forever a genius in this guy book.
I used to agree with Zieman, and I do agree with Dan D'Agostino on everthing EXCEPT the power cord issue. (In fact, Dan worked with me on the altering of my big B&W's.)

I agree that it makes no sense that the last six feet should make any difference, but it does!

I use two big Krell amps to actively biamp my speakers. When I added my aftermarket PC to one amp, the volume and clarity of that amp improved, actually making me readjust my crossover. When I added that same brand (Pure Note Sigma) to the other amp, I was able to put the crossover back to its normal position.

It may not make sense, but, at least with the Pure Note, there was a dramatic change for the better.

Thank you for your help!! And the giving of your time, You have helped me alot. You Guys,Gals are Gold!!
Dr Diamond,I totally agree with you.