Recommend a used vintage receiver for under $100?

A friend wants to get his 13 year old daughter started with a no frills component system, and would like to find here or on eBay a decent sounding receiver or integrated amp for less than $100. Any usual suspects he should be looking for? Thanks.
Craigslist. Technics, Pioneer etc. Google it for user opinions.
Check for NAD or Rotel gear.
Might be able to find a decent Toshiba SA-725/750 for around $100.
Rather than go the vintage route I would suggest something like this. It comes with a warranty and you don't have to worry about bad caps or noisy caps.
Someone just posted a really nice Nakamichi receiver here on Audiogon. I was a Nak dealer for many years and these are incredible sounding units.

I am not affiliated with this seller in any way. Just wanted to point out a nice piece of gear.
The Dayton listed above is shockingly good.
"Vintage for less than $100"... I see the likelihood of frustration and disappointment with what that budget is going to get you. The "first" repair will probably cost more than the receiver/integrated alone.

I like what Onhwy61 suggested but if she has to have vintage, and that's pretty cool, then good luck.
I gave my grandson one of those Dayton amps listed above. For the money it is a very nice little amp. If you don't need a lot of inputs or features it might be the way to go.