Recommend a SPDIF cable

I'm using a blue jeans cable now. Without starting a cable war, can anyone suggest an excellent SPDIF cable for me? See my system details.
If you can go to the price level of $800, the HFC CT-1 Digital cable was so better than any other digital cable I have used.

This is in contrast to my previous experiences with digital cables, where the difference between them seemed to be subtle and not very earth shattering.

The HFC magnetic technology allows a cleaner square wave with faster rise time than normal cables. This IMO is why it succeeds so well as a digital cable.
Agisthos, I borrowed a High Fidelity CT-1 digital cable from the Cable Company based on all the positive buzz here on Audiogon. I thought the Black Cat Silverstar sounded just as good as the High Fidelity CT-1 at 20% the price. In my system, the Klee Digital Waveguide was a step up from the Black Cat and CT-1, although it retails for $1350, so it should sound better. I also preferred the PAD Acqueous Aureus at $750 to the HFC CT-1.

I am not bashing High Fidelity Cables. Some Audiogon members whose opinions I trust have nothing but praise for the HFC interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords. My point is that cables are fairly system dependent, so make sure to try it before you buy it.
All the ones above are very good cables, I also recommend an audition for the Morrow Audio DIG3 SPDIF cable (1.5M) with Eichmann Silver bullets RCA connector upgrade. $250.37 using the "special" discount code. ;-)

Others already mentioned I'll second - Black Cat Silverstar, Wireworld Silver Starlight 7, Synergistic Research Core SE Digital Cable, VH Audio, Voodoo Audio, Signal Cable... Etc Etc...

Have fun and happy listening!!!
I've used Van den Hul "The Name" normally sold as an interconnect, but also recommended as a good digital interconnect by vdh.

It appears to have 75 ohm rca's as well - so no issues there

Just want to give a shout-out to Hifimaniac for recommending the Snake River Audio Boomslang cable. I'm auditioning it now via Jonny's 30 day trial and it is terrific.....beautiful both to look at and to hear. Nice tone and full sounding, with great bass and holographic soundstage. I was skeptical that a digital cable could make much, if any, difference, but this has proved otherwise. I'll be investigating more of Jonny's cable as a result.