Recommend a small tube amp for bedroom use?

Looking for something small, not std 19" width. Maybe 1/2 width or smaller even. SET design with 300b tubes is preferred. This is for low volume listening in the bedroom. Any suggestions?
If you don't mind EL 84 tubes, the little Jolida 102B integrated is a great little amp with a very small footprint and at 19 watts per channel can drive a variety of small, inefficient if necessary, speakers. You won't need a preamp and can find them on Audiogon used for $300-$400. I am currently driving Spendor S 3/5s with one in a second system with great results.
Look at the Italian brand Synthesis. Very compact and nice looking. Nice sounding too, though not cheap. Also, it is pushpull (I recall one model used EL84s).
Sophia Baby?
I've got an Acoustic Masterpiece AM-201 integrated from AirTight with EL84 tubes. Small footprint, handsome. Sounds superb. 22w per channel, can drive 88db speakers easily. A link:

I am looking for a small and affordable 300B, but I don't currently have high-sensitivity speakers
do a google Glow Amp 1
Bedroom speakers won't need more than a watt or 2.

Take a look at a small SET like decware. I'm using a pair in my bedroom system now.
Dared MP-30 integrated. i'm not optimistic that you're going to reconcile the issues of 300b/SET and 1/2 width chassis. EL84 SET is much more likely to fit your space requirement per the above recommendations.
First of all let me make this clear.....I love tubes and there sure are many that would fit the bill. However , base on my experience with Red Wine Audio gear and your small foot print (and since it is for 2nd system in the bedroom) requirements , I would suggest to take a close look into RWA Sig 30 or 30.2 integrated amp. It sounds sweet and musical....., something that is one of my preferances. Runs on batteries, is rated at 30wpc, no heat, dead quite and very small size. Perfect bedroom int. amp.

Good luck

whoops, i meant EL84 SEP
Fatman .. Ipod Tube ITube ValveDock

I listened some days ago with Harbeth C7ESIII fantastic sound obviously at low level

My cent!
Thanks all for the suggestions, I've got my eye on the Decware SE84C+ at the moment...
Triode TRV A300SE 300B single ended integrated, great sounding SET amp for the price.
I'll throw this one in the ring even though it is unlikely you will find one. SAC audio Thailand made an SE amp called the Minuet, it is still listed on their website.

I have owned at least 30 low powered amps in my life many of them kilobuck 300b, 2a3, and my favorite el84. the Minuet is remarkable. 7 watts EL34 SE with no NFB but positive cathode feedback so it has the dampening factor of a typical PP amp. drives my Spendor SP7/1 in a manner that has to be heard to be believed. I run Amperex metal base el34 in the amp. Check out the website.

$395 us retail when it was still in production..........
Fatman are nice, but they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. I got mine at military PX store for $199 with no tax, not fatman but branded as HCT, same thing. After swapped stock tube with all Mullards, it rocked. 15W per channel. It is also a very good headphone amp too, drives HD650 and DT880 with very good results.