recommend a simple but hi-quality active pre-amp?

Hi All,
I've got a 2-channel system with only a CD player feeding my tube amps. Can you recommend a good/excellent quality active pre-amp with NO bells and whistles? No features needed....just the CD into the amps.
Thanks and happy listening!
You should probably specify if 'no bells and whistles' means no remote control (sorry that's not a recommendation).
Budget is $1000 +/- and for the same money, I'd rather have higher quality than a remote....but of course, BOTH would be nice! Thanks!
For just over $1K you should be able to find a Plinius CD-LAD. I don't think you could do any better for that money.
I have been very satisfied with the Quicksilver LS (non remote version).
Definitely Audible Illusions. Period.
Thw Wright WLA12A is a terrific tube pre for under $1000 new! No remote.