recommend a pre-pro that's good for music?

This is for my 2-channel music-only system. I want to incorporate a subwoofer to this system. I'm using a mod'ed Sony scd-c333es sacd and Aragon 8008bb amp into OK speakers and have very good interconnects and speaker cables. I have an active crossover and have tried that. However it seems a simpler approach (usually the best), using less interconnects, is to use a pre-amp/pro. I'm currently using my B&K 1030 for that chore and running the sub off of it. Any suggestions for bettering my performance would be appreciated. Either using the x-over or recommendations for a different pre-pro that would do a noticibly better job. Price is a consideration, but value is the most important. Thanks for any comments and recommmendations and happy listening!
I'll keep this short, since I've made a number of posts recently on this topic: check out the Bryston SP-1, if that's within your budget. For more info, see my posts over the past 6-8 weeks.
Why not get something like a REL ST series sub (STratus, STorm, STadium, STentor, STudio) that are made for 2 channel music. They run off your amps speaker terminals, so no crossover, etc. They get the same signal as your main speakers, so they integrate perfectly. Then you can get whatever preamp and power amp is most musical with no compromises.
Melos SHA-1, if all you need to control is volume...
It's hybrid, built for professional studio use and extremely powerful (thik it's got a 2W output!). You get two headphone jacks, too!