recommend a NAS?

I have a Sonos Connect I use for streaming Internet music. My one other source is a CDP.
I really like this setup but, my next step is to add a NAS and start ripping my CDs into file format. 
What would be a good, reliably NAS without going nuts on price?
Right now we have maybe 200 CDs. For ripping, I will use our iMAC.


Hi Rob I just recently picked up a Synology DS214 play and a pair of Western Digital Red 4TB hard drives for about $575 total from Amazon. The NAS has been fantastic utterly reliable and my files stream much better fewer dropouts and also sound better. I have it said up in a hybrid RAID configuration with 1 drive backing up the other, setup was easy and I'm a techno dummy. Highly recommended and I use it with a Sonos connect myself.
I use QNAP..running 7x24 without any issue. There's a lot of models to choose from.