Recommend a GOOD recording in hi res file?

Hello from US Embassy Baghdad! My big system is in storage but I have a decent one here, based on the Dragonfly. I'd like to try some hi res audio but don't want to pay for a very high fiedility version of a lousy recording. Could you please suggest hi res albums that you've actually downloaded and can suggest based on their recording quality? My tastes are classic rock, blues and smooth jazz. Just surfing the sites for a minute, Steely Dan Gaucho and Elton John Madman across the water caught my eye.
Here are a few of my favorites so far, (all from HDTracks):

The Eagles-Hotel California

Steely Dan-Gaucho & Two Against Nature

Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Natalie Merchant-Tigerlily

Doobie Brothers-The Captain and Me

Bless you and THANKS for your service. Take care and BE SAFE over there!!!
Don't forget Fourplay downloads! Great smooth jazz. Good to get laid as well!
If you like jazz male vocalists, Gregory Porter, Liquid Spirit. Lorde, Pure Heroine. Grateful Dead reissues in high rez, Rolling Stones in high rez. Cat Stevens Tea for Tillerman. Getz/Gilberto. Norah Jones. For fun and for cheap, download the HDtracks sampler. I think Audiogon has a sampler too, Wake Up Your Ears.

I've been following this thread with interest. The OP shared a concern I have, which is that one could spend a lot of money on high rez files that don't sound that great. The response to his request has not exactly been overwhelming.

If only 3 people in the AG community can recommend good sounding hi rez files, this does not bode well for the economic viability of hi rez audio. It means that either no one is buying hi rez files, or the ones they are buying don't sound that great.

I had about a dozen DSD files that came with my Sony HAPZ1. I listened to them pretty carefully when the unit first came. They sounded OK, but they weren't my kind of music. Several months later, with a modwright modification in place and about 100 hours burn in, I listened to one of the original DSD tracks again, a cut from Yo Yo Ma's Appalachian Journey. I was pretty much blown away by what I heard. It was amazingly good, in contrast to my initial assessment back in April. If this is typical of what hi rez DSD audio delivers (played back through my ModWright HAPZ1), I'm going to be willing to spend $25 for selected new releases. In fact, I am thinking about buying that Ma album, despite the fact it is outside my normal hard core classical genre.