Recommend a good DVD Player for McIntosh HT System

I'm looking for a decent but not expensive DVD player that will not make any audio noise (buzzing, etc) through a sensitive McIntosh HT system (MX 130 preamp, MCD 206 Power Amp). I'm retiring a pricey Panasonic DMR-T3040 recorder/player which I beleive has been the souce of audio buzzing, perhaps from it's hard drive or processor. Any recommendations? Thanks --
Check the latest Denon 5910... all the formats plus some kind of great video technology found only in expensive video scalers, hdmi with upconversion etc. Seems like a superb value.
How about the McIntosh 861? Plays DVD, SACD, and DVD A.
Cmon Crest...what kind of a McIntosh owner are you anyway, I thought you guys never strayed from the pack lol
When you say "not expensive", I'm not sure what your budget is. I was looking at a Denon, but after reading all the reviews ended up with the Arcam DV79. If DVDA and HDMI are not a requirement, I'd check out the other Arcam players. They are consistently top rated-- must be for a reason.
The Denon 5910 is tops but expensive. Your best bet probably is a Panasonic s97 or s77. WE are right at the model changeover. There was a macro blocking issue originally with the s97, but current firmware has eliminated that over component and drastically reduced it over HDMI.
Oppos dont allow for any deinterlacing over component ( Oppo is a new brand) and the Pio 59avi is fine for non-challenging flags and cadences( ie well authored DVDs) but can be problematic with anime and foreign DVDs.
Thanks all -- Budget is flexible, not an issue, for the moment I'm thinking more of size, I'd prefer something on the smaller side that would get the most out of a Sharp Aquos flat screen without sacrificing quality for a smaller size. My equipment is stacking up, trying to keep things under control.
The Panasonics are low profile.
I also have a Sharp Aquos. What model do you have? Do you like it?
Try the MVP 861 but put $ into some great video cables- (from one McIntosh owner to another)
I have a black Sharp Acquos 20 inch. I wanted to get a 22 inch or larger so I could get HD, but they stopped making them in black. I like it alot, very clear picture. When I added a Monster HTS 5100, the picture became even sharper, I was suprised. The speakers are great, I'm actually using them as a center channel, and also to cut down on clutter, and considering the center channel is really just for dialogue. Interestingly enough, before I got the HTS 5100, I kept thinking I needed a larger television to make viewing widescreen movies easier. I bought the 5100 for another reason, in hopes of getting rid of line noise, which it didn't help, but it improved picture quality drastically to the point where I'm content with the 20".
I Own a 5910 ..yes it set me back ; but the HQV de-interlacer processed the worst mastered DVD and simply makes it look pristine. I looked at the Yam and the Pan and was very impressed. But the S97 uses that Pan/Matsushita MPEG decoder and the Genesis FLI-2310 video processing chip. The 2310 chip had that macroblocking problem that seems to create digital blocking in the image both on its own and by enhancing issues that are already there. Still for $300, very nice player
Firmware update eliminated the MB problem completely over component cabling. HDMI is still a problem, but lesso than before. ( Pany S97 info)