Recommend a dac that contributes to system for tight bass

I am not a bass fiend just would like a dac that has pleasing tight moderately deep bass.  I have pass labs monoblocks so amp not an issue....don't really want tube dac....

I know room and acoustics and system synergy play crucial role but have found some dacs excel at transparency like chord and other sound a bit flat like oppo....marantz is slightly warm exc prat but bass is bit light....

Thanks in advance.....

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I think you should consider changing the amp to something like Simaudio if you want tight bass
Bryston bda 3 comes to mind
I got it, add a BASS tube buffer. Is there such a thing? LOL

Don’t get mad now.. I had a hard time buying a "Tube preamp" with a DAC, I had a hard time with that for a while.. But I never had a BASS issue with anything for the last 45 years.. TONE control, not DAC control..

MERCY, the stuff you read.. "I WON’T".. OK you won’t. BUT you WON’T fix it with a 4K DAC either, just turn the knob with "BASS" written over the top of it, clockwise...COST ZERO.... "I won’t be changing"... Funny...

I think that using your turntable playback to say everything is good may be a problem. We can adjust VTA to get more or less bass with vinyl. Try setting up your speakers to work with digital and then redo VTA for your Vinyl. Doesn't cost a lot to try.

Yamamoto dac may give you a full sound you are looking for. Still sad I sold mine.