Recommend a dac that contributes to system for tight bass

I am not a bass fiend just would like a dac that has pleasing tight moderately deep bass.  I have pass labs monoblocks so amp not an issue....don't really want tube dac....

I know room and acoustics and system synergy play crucial role but have found some dacs excel at transparency like chord and other sound a bit flat like oppo....marantz is slightly warm exc prat but bass is bit light....

Thanks in advance.....

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I'm not a member of the Science! police, but would anyone care to explain how different DACs might possibly be able change the qualities of bass response?

I mean, surely it would have to be something else in the chain, no? 

Yeah, I would be happy with an accurate, but warmish sound. At the same time, though, I am enjoying hearing some fine details through the Pontus that I cannot recall having heard previously. And I certainly wouldn't call it clinical.
Thanks @jjss49 – that was helpful.
I’m using a Denafrips Pontus; it’s my first stand-alone DAC. I am certainly happy with the sound it produces, and do believe that it in some respects it seems to produce a slightly different sound than my previous Electrocompaniet CD player, but as a non-engineer, I am interested in learning how DACs might technically be able to do so.

We know how speakers can change/color sound, and how tube amps create distortion that some find pleasing, etc. But taking a digital stream and converting it to analogue? What might be done to alter the bass, treble, soundstage, etc.?

There are people like Alan Shaw, designer of Harbeth speakers, who know a hell of lot more than I do about the science of audio, who claim that there should essentially be no difference in the sound of DACs.
I am using a Pontus II.

I have read almost universal praise for the Ares and Pontus. As for Terminator flipping, I suspect is that those are mostly audiophiles who have a lot of money, and enjoy trying different components (or are never satisfied).

I also use M30.1 Harbeths.

Shaw is eccentric, but his views are rooted in science. I agree with you, though, that DACs do seem to sound different.
It very difficult to compare, given that I wasn't able to really AB them together. I would say that the Electrocompaniet was a bit warmer. I like warmth, but am enjoying what I perceive to be a more neutral, and revealing sound from the Pontus.

The downside is that the flaws of poorly recorded CDs are more apparent with the Pontus, but then well-recorded ones shine.

So the EC was, to my ears, less revealing, but more forgiving.