Recommend a DAC

I currenlty have a Rotel RC-1072. I have contmeplated upgrading to a new CDP (Bryston BCD-1 - with tradein net to me would be $2100) but for the monies I am thinking a DAC would be the best way to go and use the Rotel as the transport. Thoughts and opinions please.
If $2,000 is your approximate budget, the best value IMO would be the dac route. An example, even though I do not own one, would be a demo/pre-owned PS Audio Perfectwave dac and a good digital cable for under $2,000. You would then be good to go for additional digital requirements in the future, like your computer, a DVD or even a Perfectwave Transport.

Good luck but the dac is definitely the way to go IMO.
Bear in mind that transport does make a substantial difference. I bought a Reimyo DAP-777 DAC (for $2400 on A'gon), but could not get the sound I expected until I upgraded transport from a Sony DVD player to a Theta Jade.
Perfect timing for this thread. I, too, am in the exact dilema with my RCD1072. Something else to keep in mind is, in my opinion, upgrading to a better and more expensive DAC yeilds a small change. I've tried the V-DAC and the PS audio DLIII and didn't hear much of a change. So paying 700.00 on a PS audio DAC to me isn't a upgrade but rather its like waxing a freshly washed car. I say save your money and find a deal on a audio research or something like that
If you are partial to the Bryston sound, how bout the BDA-1?
perfect timing for me too! I also have an RCD1072 and I'm looking into DACs. See my thread over at Tech Talk, where several people recommended DACs. I´m mostly thinking Bel Canto DAC3, Bryston BDA-1, Lavry DA10 or 11, Benchmark, Weiss DAC2. All of these are said to have excellent jitter rejection and were recommended by users knowing that I will pair it with a 1072. Actually Benchmark had a whole marketing campaign about the small impact the transport has with their jitter rejection approach. Can you audition, or are you buying used? Can you buy used and try? I wish I could, but I'm overseas and that's not practical.

Let us know how it works out for you.