Recommend a cd player

Looking for a recommendation for a cd player upgrade to my Rotel 1072.
My system:
Musical Fidelity A3.5 Integrated
PSB Synchrony Two tower speakers
MIT S3.3 interconnects
MIT Shotgun S3 bi-wire speaker cable
Shunyata Black Mamba HC CX power cable (wall to Hydra2)
Shunyata Black Mamba CX (to cdp)
Shunyata Taipan Alpha Helix (to Integrated amp)

How about the Bryston BCD-1?
Or a Cary 303? Or a Cary CDP-1?

Thanks for your input!!
A Musical Fidelity A3.5 cdplayer comes to my mind first.You can't beat brand synergy as far as I'm concerned,but that's just me.There is one for sale in the classifieds for $695.00(I have no affiliation with the seller)The three players you listed are all in different price and probably sound catergories.What is your budget and what qualities and features are you looking for?I own a Cary CDP-1 and am very happy with it in my system.I have no idea if you will like it.Only you can make that decision.Good luck in your search.
I am extremely happy with my Ah! Njoe Tjoeb CD4000. It has a tubed pre-amp and 24/96 upsampler. You can get a basic model cheaply and customize it easily, and even tube roll with it if you like, changing sound qualities to suit your taste.

I bring it to the shops when I listen to other equipment, and even the shop keepers are astonished by it. I constantly hear people tell me how much better it sounds than their own or than very expensive units, and they want to know all about it.

I cannot overemphasize the value for money of this unit.
Sony 595 as a refurbished unit from SonyStyle for $60, including shipping. Hey, dare to be cheap and let your ears be the judge. This will change the way you think about hi-end stuff.
About 2 years ago I acquired a Jolida JD-100 Underwood Lvl1 mods -tube cd player for around $675 here on Agon. I've been very happy with it.
There's a used Njoe Tjoeb on theaudioxchange right now for $675.00, with lots of good customizing. That seems to be a good price range for a decent CD player among people here so far, with the exceptional exception of Buconero's Sony. Upscale Audio's new Njoe Tjoeb units range from $849 to $1191, depending on what's in there. I got really excellent tubes and my upsampler from them.
Don't overlook Buc's Sony 595 recommendation.After hearing him rave over this unit for the last year or so,I bought one.I was hoping it was crappy so I could bust his chops!!This thing is damn good sounding for the price.The SACD playback is really good.I wasn't that impressed with the redbook section so I bought a LitE DAC Ah and it brought the redbook playback up 10 or so notches.It's not as good as my Cary but then I've only got about $250.00 tied up in the total rig.It has a permanent home in my second system.Thanks Buc.
Cambridge Audio Azure 840C for $1600 retail, read the reviews.
One note, this player deserves good cables, I am using a set of single ended Kimber KS1021's which replaced a set of Kimber Silver Streaks, quite the improvement. I found them on Audiogon for $450.

Good Luck!
my first suggestion was going to be a used MF A3.5 as well, or a used MF A5 even better. Other players described above are good choices in general, but synergy outside MF line up will be trial and error.