Recommedations please for a power cord for amp.

Amp is a Parasound HCA-1500A, 205 wpc and will be plugged into an AudioPrism Power Foundation I. Price range <$200.00.
The Blue Circle BC62 is a great cord. List is about $200, but look for ads here on Agon from Hello Simply Music selling them for $125 on special. No $125 cord can touch it at that price IMHO.
Look at the Tekline pwr cords. They have different models depending on your gear. I'm using pc-6 for my Anthem amp 1 and it sounds great. Check there web site or Jeffs Sound Values here on Agon.
Thanks for your suggestions. I'll check into these two cables.
For the $200 price range I'll look into Silver Audio's power burst, I sold mine for $120 back then only to be replaced by a power cord on the $1000 price range, what I mean is you have to go five times it's price to beat it's performance, again results can vary but on my equipment this is what I observed.
Spend just a little more and get into a Whale Elite.
Can't beat it.
I second the BMI Whale Elite. Offers great results in a world class power cable.

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