Recommedation for Phono Pre for my modest rig

Hi there:

I have the following TT rig: Rega Planar 3 (2016), metal sub-platter, Michell Tecno-weight, Rega white belt, Delrin platter, Rega TTPSU 2, Shelter 201 and lastly Art DJII preamp. The latter was a stop gap until I could find a more suitable pre. I don't foresee the day where I would run a LOMC so a MM only pre would do me just fine. This is the final piece of the puzzle then I am focusing solely on collecting LP's, please consider this the last pre-amp I am ever going to buy.  

My preference is something that if it can't be absolutely neutral than it be more center-right (warm/euphonic) than center-left (cold/analytical). And of course cost should be commensurate with the system it will be a part of. 

Thanks in advance. 

I would also consider the least expensive phono stage by Sutherland, called Vibe, I think. $900 new, I heard that it is very smooth and sounds real nice. There are no discounts on Sutherlands. It is available on-line with the possibility of return.
I"m using an iFi Phono2 now in my system.  For $500 I don't think you can beat it.  Fremer reviewed it on Analog Planet recently.
If you are interested in a tube based phono pre you should consider the K&K Audio Trio. The most recent addition to the K&K stable is a budget priced kit that "errors" on side of slightly added "warmth" at the expense of less analytic detail. I have built one for a customer of Kevin's and had a chance to listen to it in my system. I was very impressed, very musical and easy to listen to. Check out the details here: http://http//