Recommed a medium sized monitors that can go loud

I want to downsize my speakers from a floor stander (Acoustic Zen Adagios)to a "medium size" monitor or "MAYBE" a slim profile and light weight floor stander that can play loud, but also sound clean, transparent, and musical.

I have a Rogue integrated hybrid amp(100RMS) and a Ayre CX-7e mp CD player. So far, I have considered: KEF LS-50; Harbeth 30.1;.... Harbeth new SHL Super Plus( too expensive).... Monitor Audio Gold GX-100; Devore O/93 ( too expensive and possibly overrated) Scansonic MB-2.5; B&W's 804 or 805; KEF 300R; I can spend about $3000-3500 for used mint speakers, possibly a little more.

Please note: I saw two separate ads on Audiogon for KEF LS-50's that sold within a week; yet. I cannot believe that these speakers have any real bass or don't sound bright or lean..... Thank you.

If you want to save a few bucks, look for a gently used pair of Revel M22s. They sound great, very detailed with very good bass. Can play loud and can be gotten for under 1000 dollars now because they never received any press. An outstanding speaker period.
I own Scansonic MB2.5, need careful positioning and still the bass is excessive.
You might consider Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2's. When I listen to mine I hear dynamic, clean, transparent, and musical.
To Murgeshj: Thank you for heads up about the bass of the Scansonic MB-2.5. Scansonic like many other grands are not readily available in most audio shops. And with demise of mortar and brick showrooms it becomes almost impossible to hear them unless you want to travel to another city

To Mtbrider. Thanks for the comment, but Ascend is not a speaker that is know by many people. However, I will google up a few reviews if they exist.
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