Recomm 5ch Amp for Von Schweikert Vr5 surr. syst.

Fellow Audiogoners:

If one were to use a Denon 3805 receiver as a preamp, what 5 channel amp would you suggest to drive VonSchweikert Vr5s and 3.5s in a 5.1 system?
What do you think of Sunfire Cinema Grand 200w/ch 5 ch amp (non-Signature version)? Others to suggestions that price range (used) ?

Goal is improving music performance. Theater is great with just Denon 3805.
B&K 7250 200watt x 5 is a good amplifier - you can get for slightly above $1000 used.
Audio Refinement Multi 5 (or multi 2 + Multi 3)is good.
Parasound has two in the Halo line that may be of interest.

These amps will work fine but you may get more improvement with a good pre-pro in addition to a modest amplifier. For the money the Audio Refinement Pre2 DSP is wonderful. It has no bells or whistles but does 5ch surround beautifully. This in conjunction with most any high-current amplifier should do the job.

Good luck!
Theta Dreadnaught,new/used?