Recomended XLR cables for Krell Preamp/Amp

First venture into XLR cables with new theater system using all Krell Showcase Components. Pre/Amp Amp and DVD.What best fits this equipment. I have a fairly good budget available for this project
These three offer truly outstanding cables site officially up this coming Monday

Grover Huffman

VH Audio
If you've read any of my recent responses, I recently changed all my XLR cables feeding all of my Krells with the rediculously inexpensive Silent Audio Apollo A's.


I've just changed from Cardas Golden Cross XLR to Audioquest Diamond X3 XLR (cd to preamp and pre to power) on my all-Krell setup. The AQ is fantastically detailed and instruments are very palpable. The Cardas was overly ripe in the mids, and rolled off at the top and bottom. I cant believe I lived with the Cardas for so long. You can pick up the AQ secondhand and save a bundle. AQ have changed the product line since then, and I'm not sure what the current equivalent of the Diamond is.

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Lots of folks like the Pure Note Paragon or Cerulean with Krell. Do a search here. There is also a review in the products section.
I switched to Krell Showcase six months ago and had to replace silver cables with a copper/silver hybrid to tone down the strident sound of the Krell. Now in the process of another switch. This time using Cardas Golden Cross and finding them most effective at taming the beast.
Harmonic Technologies Prosilway cables. Excellent for Krell components in every way, sweetness, extension, impact and detail.