Recomended spkrs with Pathos Classic One II ?

I'm anxiously awaiting my new Pathos, it arrives after the holiday weekend. With the usual anticipation of new gear I start to rethink everything I own, in this case speakers first.

I'd appreciate hearing what speakers people have found to work well with this wonderful amp. In my case they'll need to be small, my room is only 9 x 17 and they'll be on the long wall.
Hi, i purchased a Classic One II when i was in the middle of a upgrade fever, the speakers that i used with it are: Sonus Faber Signum, Totem Forest, Dynaudio Special 25, Magnepan 1.6, Klipsch Heressy and Reference 3A De capos. What started as a search for the best match ended up as a compromise because I had a financial set back but the Pathos always remained the no-trade player in my system. As you can see I used speakers of different character, technology and sensitivity and in every case i felt and my friends did too that the match with the Pathos was incredible. I was driving the 25s with Audio Research tubed separates and a Stratta III when I switched to the Pathos, the fullnes was such that i sold the subwoofer. I changed the 25s for a Magnepan 1.6 (big mistake), the guy the sold me the Magnepan was driving them with a big 400 watts Classe, he came over to help me set them up and he couldn`t believe that that was the Pathos driving his 1.6, i liked them far more with my Pathos, more detail and finesse and not lacking one bit of bass. With the Forest my experience was similar as with the 25s: Full sound, detailed( and smooth at the same time) highs, with the pathos i measured the Forest going down to 28HZ. With the De Capos, everybody was telling me that the way to go was SET tubes so i bought a Cary 300sei and it will be back for sale next week: The Pathos sounds more SET than the SET Cary, i never heard a SET amplifier and i was really curious about it but my Pathos is warmer, fuller and you can listen to the De Capos better at really low volume without missing a note(wich i understand is a forte of the SETs) In All i liked it better with the Dynaudios Special 25s( but then, the guy that bough my Dynaudios now wants to buy my De Capos) just because that`s my favorite speaker but it matched as well with all the speakers that i mentioned.
I have heard it with Zingali Overture 1. Fairly good pair together.b
Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll just audition a wide range of speakers, as you did Minotauro, and see what fits. Sounds like I'll have some fun in the process.