Recomended amps for Dunlavy SC111

I purchased a pair of Dunlavy SC111 and a PASS Aleph 5 (60Wpc) amp some years back. I love both individually but I find it is not a good combo. The Aleph doesn't seem to have the necessary "grunt" for the Dunlavys. My question is does anyone have a sugestion for an amp which works great with the SC111s?
A newer Pass Labs Amp will do a great job. SC-3s don't require much more than a X150, but the X250 is priced so reasonably, it would be a shame not to make the additional leap now for any future speaker changes that may occur later.
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I agree with Aaronm. I've heard Dunlavy's with Pass Lab Amps (the zeros?) and they sounded very good to my ears.
I've got an Pass lab X-1 preamp and X-350 amp paired with Dunlavy V on my yoga studio system. This is a very musical system and enough punch for some disco poses as well!
Spectron Musician amp sounds great with the Dunlavy's.
Thanks for all the input!
Seems like everyone was focused on the Pass line? I didn’t mean to funnel thoughts towards the Pass line. I’m thinking more widely. I’m sorta coming down to, Bryston 4BSST, McCormak DNA225 or the Levinson 332.
Any more thoughts?
seem like every one here feed alot of power to the for me 22w from the KR mono blocks seem like plenty of power for my sc IV.
I use the Krell 300i and have enjoyed the match for years.
Pass amps sounded good on the dunlavy's i auditioned but to me and ARC VT100 improved the mids a ton. I use VTL 185 monos with mine (and yes i would like more power). The VTL is just a tad warmer than the ARC...not lush but ARC gets pretty close to solid state like sound for a tube amp. I can't say i've been real impressed with Levison sound myself, not that i'm knocking the gear but for the money VTL has my vote.