Recomendations on Modern Mcintosh Amps

Currently using an MC2150 and plan to upgrade to newer Mac amp for a number of reasons, i.e., power cord, barrier strip speaker connections, speed and soundstage compared to new. I have listened to the the current offerings MC302 and MC152 which would fit the bill. Wondering what, if any improvemets have been made to Mac amps recently and what other models from the past 10 years or so might preform equally well, that could be purchased used to save some beans. Also plan to aquire either a D150 or C47 preamp. B&W 805d3 speakers, REL S5 sub, Parasound P5 pre. Input greatly appreciated.
I have nothing to add but thank you for posing this question. I have the MC2200 amps - a pair configured an monos, and have been itching to ask the same question. By the way, you can easily convert those barrier strip connections to spade/banana plugs. Power cord is a different story.
I upgraded from a MAC6700 to a C2500/MC452 and was very pleasantly surprised how much better the new amp sounded.  I very highly recommend the MC452, seems to have a "fast but tube sound", and after the upgrade the soundstage was immediately improved.