Recomendations for simple CD transport

I like what I got in terms of DAC and the rest and am looking for a simple redbook CD transport with the finest sound available new or used under 2K. Just needs to play CD, CDR and CDRW. My DAC is Aragon D2A2. Ideas anyone?
Any version of the Audiomeca Mephisto transport will work well. The 1 and 2x versions are the more reliable. The 1 version is a real steal used.
Noth Star makes a fabulous transport. I like it much better that CEC TL-1X and Accustic Arts Drive 1. It also has a built-in upsampler that makes quite a difference.
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Dear Mark - Is that recommendation for the transport alone by passing the upsampling option into my D2A2 DAC, or only if hooked to its DAC mate via computer cable? Any good place to but it?
For a very reasonable price a couple of excellent units are the Cal Audio Delta (250 to 300 used) and the very good Sony DVP-S7000 and S7700. Both Sony units are fine CD transports as well as excellent DVD players. Many audiogoners use these as CD transports; 125 to 300 range.

used PS Audio Lambda II is a wonderful transport but pricier at around 600+.
Thank you all for your repsonses - gives me something to research. Still very open to sugestions. Joe
I second Markxiii,for the Northstar M192 transport suggestion.I own it and think it's great.Check for the review on it.Naturally the Northstar transport sounds best with it's companion DAC.It uses the excellent Philips cd-pro 2 top loader mechanism,which is also in ARC,SIMAUDIO,ELECTROCOMPANIET,ACOUSTIC ARTS,AUDIO AERO and other high priced cd players.
All the best
I own the Northstar transport and the Audio Logic 24MXL DAC. Reasonably priced, dynamic, MUSIC; isn't that what we're "looking" for? Any cable recommendations? Currently using Cardas Golden Reference Power cords (both units; into a Walker Audio Velocitor S) RS Audio Palladium interconnects(DAC to preamp) and i2Digital Digital between DAC and Transport.
I know this might be heresy but I had an Audio Alchemy Pro drive once that was very nice. Never had much respect for the AA stuff but the drive was respectable (IMO). It had a separate power supply and an unusual turntable type transport where the CD was placed shiney side up. During my several years with this product it had no problems al all. I used it with DACs other than AA and it performed admirably. I think the price was reasonable when it was new. If you can find a nice used one it shouldn't cost much and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at it's performance.
Thanks for your responses. I ended up with the NorthStar 192 DAC and Transport and am very happy with it