Recomendations for shipping

I am trying to ship some very large speakers (ReQuests) from Florida to Utah. Can anyone recommend a reliable inexpensive shipping company to use? I have tried UPS and FedEx they say the speakers are too big. Thanks in advance!
I shipped some Infinity RS-1B's From Georgia to Kali. I used Watkins movers. They came to my house and picked up the speakers. They fabricated the shipping crates and shipped the speakers to California. Unfortunately, I do not know what they charged so you will have to call and inquire. hope this helps Johnny
I just shipped a 8ft. Da-lite HDTV electric screen, and ran into the same problem-too big. I called 6 different Freight Companies and YELLOW freight was 45% cheaper than anyone else. Just ask for the YES discount. You can save even more if you take it to the hub yourself. Hope it helps.
I've just shipped a grandfather clock and a pair of POLK SDA(155#ea) speakers via a company called Freighters and Craters. They will pick up, create custom packaging if necessary, deliver, and setup if required. I have been very impressed with their quality and knowledge of physics.(ie, how to pack). Their pricing is very fair for the quality and care they provide. If inexpensive is the only concern, then you can probably find a lower cost carrier, but your speakers may be converted to the inexpensive type by the time they arrive. Here’s a link to their on-line cost estimator: Good luck Carl_S
Try AEI. tel: (800) 234-2778
Thank you to everyone who responded! The speakers are on the way, can't wait!