Recomendations for pairing AVR with Amp

Hello Gonners. I currently have a Denon AVR 590 that just isn't cutting the musturd. I have a 5.1 system with 30-200 watt speakers and the 590 just can't drive them fully. I was going to add an amp as per a member here. But the AVR doesn't have balanced preouts.

So I looked up the Marantz av 7005 as I saw some good writings about it here and elsewhere. I was going to pair the 7005 with an Emotiva XPA-5.

Anyone had success with this or a similar setup? Is there a better combo of AVR and Amp than Marantz and Emotiva? If possible please keep the suggestions in the price range of the Marantz and Emotiva. Id prefer to keep a receiver in the mix, instead of just a pre amp/amp combo, as I have everything from WD HD Live to Playstation 3 hooked up to the Denon.
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1. The AV 7005 is not an AVR but a processor.
2. There are AVRs, in the same price range, with much more potent amps than you have now.
3. I do not understand your last point. Anything you can connect to the Denon, you can connect to a processor.
4. What speakers are you using?
My fault. Im new to the audiophile game. I thought the AV 7005 was a receiver. Ok so then I dont need a receiver then since the processor can do the same thing sans the tuner part of a receiver right?

Ignore everything else I said as obviously I didnt understand enough about the equipment I was talking about. Thanks for clearing that up for me. So is the AV 7005 and emotiva xpa 5 a good match or should I go with the Emotiva processor instead? I appologize for my confussion lol.
Oh KR4 my speakers are DT Mythos XTR-60's for front left/right and center, and the left and right surrounds are Mythos Gems...