REcomendations for a compact 5 channel amplifier?


I have a friend who is putting surround sound into his bedroom and would like a decent quality, but very compact 5 channel amplifier. Anyone know of such a beast?


How much power and price? These are neat:

I find the Acurus 125 x 5 very compact yet powerful in my bedroom HT system. Cheap on the used market too.
The Rotel digital amps are pretty short but, about the same width and depth.
If you are looking to spend about $500 or so, I second the Acurus. I got the 125x5 a few weeks ago and have been very pleased with the sound.
the B&K AV5125 is a good size, great looking, and sounds wonderful.
Linn 5125
For the bedroom, I think he should look into the panasonic sa-xr55 or 57 digital A/V receiver. Have everything in one slim unit instead the need for two. Stays cool to the touch and will do everything you will need for home theater. Sounds good too.
I have two Linn 5125s in my bedroom system running (I am triamping my front Ninkas and biamping my Trikan). I think the amp is great for a bedroom system. Plenty of power, great Linn sound. You can find good examples for relatively cheap on Audiogon - probably in the $1250 - 1450 price range. Also, the amp automatically goes into standby mode, which is a nice feature. The only downside is the amp runs fairly hot. I have to admit, I am biased to Linn Products. If your friend gets one, be sure the BFA connectors are included.