Recomendation on turntable for less than $1500

Well, after 44 years I'm ready to replace my Thorens TD 150. I haven't paid too much attention to equipment lately, but the new Thorens seem to be a different beast.

TTs that caught my eye are:
- VPI Traveler with the Grado cart.
- Clear Audio with the MM option
- One of the Regas, perhaps P3 for a bit less money

I'd appreciate any info from folks who have owned these models or other options in my price range. Thanks

VPI HW19 mk IV
Music Hall 7.1 is a sweet table, comes with a Ortofon 540
cartridge{Mojo} which is VERY good.
You might find a used REGA RP6 for that price, otherwise go with a REGA RP3 and put the extra savings into a better cartridge for it. I use a RP3 with my McIntosh/Dynaudio system and it is awesome!
Check out the Sota Comet with S303 arm. The Needle Doctor sells it for about $1500.
O agree with Grinnell. A used HW-19 IV is a very good bargain. They are usually around $1500 depending on which arm is with it.
They have a Brand new un opened REGA RP6 with Exact Cartridge and the upgraded power supply for $1500 on this site right now! That is a awesome deal! I might buy it myself ROFL. Ask anyone you cant go wrong with a REGA they are solid, great sounding, reliable and simple to use. and they make very very fine tone arms.

The 9.1 is the sleeper in the group
I agree with Vernneal. The Project 9.1 put me to sleep.
I would suggest that you upgrade your present Thorens with a Rega rb202 or 301 arm and new plinth and arm board, many of which can be had of ebay. I would also add a music hall cruise control 2. By doing this you will match or surpass any table listed above.
If you really feel you need a new table jmsound is selling a well tempered classic for 1200. There is not much out there that compares to this table at or near the asking price.
I tend to agree with the upgrade route as a viable option. I have a 150 mkII. I went out to listen to tables recently for possible replacement and decided that I would have to spend at least double what your budget is to see significant differences across the board. The used VPI and the new RP6 sounds intriguing, but the $1500 suggested upgrades would probably get you the most bang for your dollar. My 2 cents.

Wow, so many options.

WRT upgrading, a number of years ago I upgraded to a Rega RB250 arm, added a heavier plinth, and spent a lot of time tweaking the suspension. Results were very good indeed.

However, I have recently developed a loud hum in the right channel, for no apparent reason. The arm and motor circuit do not share a ground, which I think they did in the original setup. But why the sudden change, I wonder.

In any case, I figure I have so many miles on that motor that it wasn't worth finding someone who could do a full recon for me. I was just going to fool with it myself and see if I could get rid of the hum. Plus, I managed to break the lift tab off the tone arm while I fiddled with the internal wiring.

I guess I'll keep look and keep fiddling. Thanks for all the suggestions.
Go with the well tempered classic if your not into maintaining your current set up. You will not be disappointed.
Btw......if your only worried about 5 he motor in your current rig why not just buy a spare at well under 100. Fixing your ground problem is easy and shouldn't cost much or take much time.

Then, instead, upgrade you phono section or cartridge with the remaining 1400. That will go along way in upgrading your sound.

A totally tweaked out 150 will out perform any of the above mentioned tables and make them sound like broken toys. Well, okay, that is a bit of a hyperbole but, really, it will sound better. Honestly, you would have to spend way more than 1500 to improve upon your current rig.
You know, Raymonda, you're right. I've been a big baby about this. There are a number of combinations discussed in the manual that I did not try for grounding options. And the motor is fine now anyway.

You've inspired me to not give up on my 150. I might even pick up a few more LPs just to add to my motivation.

I wonder if I should upgrade from the original, non-polarized power cord.

Thanks all for the discussion.
Glad I could pick up that soundsmith benz ruby. The seller said it has less than 7 hours on it for 800. Now that is some good sounds. Or that sutherland 20/20. Another great deal. Depending on what your running now, either might be just the ticket.
stretch to 2K and try to get the newly introduced Clearaudio Concept Wood with the Satisfy arm and MM cartridge. List is 2400, but you could probably find a dealer who can get it under 2K.....
This would be a lot more value than anything out there
@ 1500.00 if only because of the great arm....

Rega RP6
VPI Traveler
Clearaudio Concept
Sota Satellite (w/out arm)
Funk Firm Flamenca
Pro-ject 2 Xperience
All in your price range of $1,500.00

The best bang for the buck would have to be the Marantz Reference Series TT-15S1 (Basically a Clearaudio built to Marantz specs)
•includes moving magnet cartridge with ebony base
•non-servo AC motor with endless silicone belt drive
•high-density acrylic chassis and platter
•straight aluminum tone arm
•three solid adjustable aluminum support feet
•"Clever Clamp" by Souther Engineering

The guys at Crutchfield are selling this wonderful TT for $1499.99 including free shipping and lifetime tech support.

Acoustic Signature WOW for a little more ($1,995.00) may be last turntable you'll ever buy.

Good luck and happy listening!
The tweaked out Thorens 150 wipes the floor with four out of the six tables you listed. I can't speak for either the Funk, or the Acoustic Signature, having never listened to them.

However, being very in tune with what the Thorens can do against the others, purchasing many of them may well be a down grade.
Same here Raymonda, never listened to the Thorens TD 150 so I cannot comment on its sound qualities. Seems to have been well engineered and very similar to the Sondek LP12 in appearance.

I'm curious as to which four? I'm guessing RP6, Traveler, Concept, and Xperience?

A friend of mine has the new Satellite and it sounds MUCH better than the entry level Comet and it can hold its ground against much more expensive TTs.

Marantz has a quiet, steady, reliable motor, a more than decent tonearm, and KILLER cart for the money.

The WOW is in another league, comparable to TTs costing much more and almost as good as Well Tempered Amadeus and Townshend Rock 7. Dead quiet, rock solid.

Upgrading the tonearm and armboard and adding the MH CC2 sounds like the right way to go if you decide to keep the Thorens.

"purchasing many of them may well be a down grade". Not sure if I completely agree with your comment. As good as the Thorens may have been 44 years ago, new advance in technology may (or may not) place some of the models mentioned over the Thorens.

Maybe you're right, who knows :-)

Ricardo, I think that is a wise choice. If it is convenient, take some of your favorite albums out to a dealer and listen to some of the new tables just to prove that you are not missing out. Even with unfamiliar gear and speakers, vinyl is such a tactile medium that I found it reasonably easy to hear strengths and weaknesses of different tables, and decide if they were going to do it for me or not. So far I didn't hear that south of $5K.

One note, I recently moved my listening space into a new room with a concrete floor and 300 tons of crushed rock underneath it (long story for another time). While waiting for shelving to go in, I set my Thorens up on the floor. OMG, the bass was unreal with just the stock rubber feat directly on that foundation. I tried spiking it, putting my large wood platform in, but all that did was shift the weight of the sound to higher frequencies. Considering taking it back off the shelf and returning to floor. I highly recommend 300 ton platform for this sprung table - LOL
For $1500, you can get the new Scout Jr. It is also upgradeable.