Recomend Upgrade From Cambridge Audio D300

My System
Rotel 1066 pre amp
Rotel 1075 Power amp
Paradigm Ref studio 60V2
Paradigm Servo 15
Cambridge Audio D300 CD

I feel my CD is my current weak link. Sound is OK but I feel it lacks A LITTLE in detail.
I am considering these
Rotel RCD 991 (new) $700 USD
Arcam A7SE used ($3-$350)
Arcam CD 92 used ($900)
Ah (???)
Jolida 100 ($100)
My main type of listening is rock pop.
Any recomendations. Please keep in mind that I do not want to overkill my current system with a Krell or the like and will spend no more than 900. I realize the CD92 is probably the best of the bunch but I am leaning towards the Rotel as it is new and more in my price range. Do you think I'll get more detail from the Rotel over my Cam Aud D300.
The Rotel 991 would be a nice step up from the D300. I use to own the Rotel 990, which is basically the same unit electronically, except the 990 had a better transport mechanism. I've seen the 991 as low as $550 used.

Cambridge CD players benefit a lot from using a better power cord as a tweek.

What are you using for interconnects?
Thanks Sugarbrie.
I am using Kimber PBJ at the moment but intend to uprade here as well.
What I really would like to know is how the Rotel compares to the Arcam. I do not have the option for an in home audition and there are no dealers here that carry BOTH brands.
Slightely OT. When I pull the trigger I will also neesd to upgrade my speaker cable from the cheap Monster 8 guage I'm using. The problem is that I NEED 2 ea 25' lengths so esoteric cables are out.
Any ideas on the players and the cables and where I may find each?
All I can tell you is the Rotel uses separate Burr Brown PCM-63 mono DAC chips (one per channel). While these are 20bit chips, they are/were the best 20bit chips made. Therefore, the best 20bit chip will trump a lesser 24bit chips easily. They are still one of the most analog sounding DAC chips made ever.

The 991 will also decode HDCD.

See reviews here..

A review on the Arcam is here...
As a matter of fact there is a Rotel 991 for sale now/today for $550 on Agon..
For speaker cables you may consider ordering from Stan Warren in OR. He could set you up with a esoteric type design for less than $300. He would argue better than most anything you can buy--even if he is wrong it is almost certainly better than anything you can get for under $300. I have just ordered a pair of 14' @ $140, but expect a long wait. Do a search for 'Stan Warren' on agon to find out more.