Recomend Some Albums Recorded with True Imaging.

I am looking for some recommendations of some albums recorded for true imaging.  By that I mean a group of people playing acoustic instruments recorded old school with just two microphones.    Not songs mixed from multiple tracks and balanced to give the impression they are playing in the center.    I have recently been relistening to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Will the Circle be Unbroken".   This is a raw recording where they found the best bluegrass and early county artists,  sat them down in a studio,   took one take,  and (probably) recording them with just 2 microphones for stereo.  No mixing and minimal processing.  What they played in the room is exactly what you hear.   The results for imaging is all I can say is wow.   Even with a half decent system you can close your eyes and tell where ever instrument is playing from and where they are standing.   And it is the first time I finally understood the phrase " the speakers disappear".

While my main preference is 70's progressive rock I don't think I will find it there.    But Jazz,  Bluegrass, Blues or Classical would be good.  Any suggestions.
I have one of the MLP box sets and the sound quality is top notch as has always been the case with those recordings.   
All Mapleshade recordings are minimally miced in real rooms. See at their site. You can play sample tracks. They have a couple of sampler CDs that give a taste of what their sound is. Try "13 Shades of Blue" Blues, Bluegrass and Jazz/blues. The sound is incredible!
And yes That Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album is incredible. Have you seen the documentary of it? A lot of fun to watch. That’s how I first heard about it. Was on Netfix I believe.
Also check out Chesky Records. They have their Binaural series: Very cool! Watch Steve's video on this page.
Everything from M. A. Recordings is minimally miked in real spaces in a single take. Label Owner/Producer/Chief Engineer Todd Garfinkle may record digitally but it doesn't matter. Pick anything from the label's catalogue.  A good place to start is La Segunda by the tango group Sera Una Noche.
Bsmg-   I have been listening to Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin, and Paco DeLucia "Friday Night in San Francisco"  for years.   It is a great album by guitar masters and something like that is exactly what I am trying to find.  The problem is it is a minefield to find the right recording like that.  Years later they came out with a similar album "The guitar Trio".  Same excellent musicians and music......But the imaging was terrible.   On my system you have a trio playing but they are all playing from inside the speakers.  There are a few sections where imaging was good,  they are playing from the center, and you could tell where they were standing.  But for most of the album it was either far right or far left.    I could only listen to it a couple of times then quit.

Sonicjoy-   I will have to look up the documentary on "Will the circle be Unbroken".  I was a kid when the Circle album came out and my parents took us to a number of bluegrass festivals back then.   Luckily i got to see many of the artists.   Watching Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson play sure was a treat.

Thanks to everyone.......I will definitely have to look up all of these record labels.