Recom for Preamp $400 for Forte Model4a/Spicas?

Would appreciate some recommendations on a preamp to go with my Forte Model 4a and Spicas TC60's. I'm considering the Forte Model 2. Also looking for a reasonable $$ CD player. This is my first system I am putting together. I love to listen to Classical music and Jazz primarily. Any input is appreciated.
I used a Forte 1a with my Spica TC-50's no problems and a pretty good match as the Forte has the bottom end force and control for the fairly lean TC-50's. I used for many years a Forte 2. The Forte 2 is pretty good for a 1K$ pre, since it has a very versatile phono section, outboard p.s. and very solid expensive build. If you are using an analog TT and want a used pre on a budget, I'd say the Forte 2 is one way to go, or an Audible Illusions 2 or a Superphon. I now use a passive pre with a Benz Lukascheck phono section which I have to say is a step up. I should probably sell my Forte 2 as it's just sitting in the box in my closet. Also I found Cardas Hexlink 5c were the best cables between my Spicas and the Forte 1a if that helps..
You didn't mention whether or not you'll be incorporating a turntable. If yes, then I second Xiekitchen's suggestion to take a look at the older Audible Illusions 2 series of tubed preamps. A very nice phono stage and can be had for 400 or less.
I at one time also owned a Forte 4a. It was a very enjoyable amp. I used the amp with a Forte 44 preamp, and I am still using the preamp with a Threshold T200 amp. I also recommend the Model 2 preamp. There is one on Ebay right now for under $300. It ends on 12/13. I would also suggest an investment in good cables.
I have a Monarchy SM-70 Pro, which is all class A like your Forte 4a, along with Von Schweikert VR-1s, so our setups are similar. I'm partial to 6SN7 preamps, so here's one possibility in your price range:

If you can stretch your budget a little, there are also a Wright WLA12A and a Mapletree 5B for sale right now; I have no connection with any of these sellers.

I own the Wright, and it's a sweet combination. None of these have phono, though.
I currently have Model 2 and Model 44 preamps. I bought the 44 recently for the remote functions (volume control). Once I determine which one I'm keeping, I'll probably sell the other. FWIW, I think the Model 2 is one of the very best-sounding preamps ever made. You could buy better... at MANY TIMES the price.