Recom. cable for Plinius-Dynaudio 3.0

Replacing Canton and Mit bi cables, for Dynaudio 3.0 speakers...need recommendation for speaker cable. Thank you.
I use Wireworld Equinox lll's in my system using custom Dynaudio satellites in a D'Appolito configuration with good results. If neutral cables in this price range are something you might be interested in these do a great job of getting out of the way of the music. If you like more of a smooth, mellow sounding cable try the Cardas Neutral reference. It is also neutral, but has a bit more of a tonal personality than the Wireworlds. Good luck with your purchase.
I had great luck with Van Den Hul The Wind MK 2 using the 8150i with the Dynaudio COntour 1.1. In a months time I'm trying the Analysis plusOval 9 speaker c