reco speaker cables for Ohm Walshes?

Looking to move from my Anti cables.can't afford more than $500. Use with McIntosh MC 250,acurus R11 and new Sony 5400ES.
Reco? What is that?
Sorry short for recommendation.
How long a run? Single or biwire? Copper, silver or blend? I moved from anti cables to Kimber Kable PR8 by the foot with bare wire termination. Shotgun from monos. Short runs of 3 feet. I'm very happy. Quite affordable for me.
AudioArt SC-5 is around $200 ,very neutral and sounds good on about anything.
I owned anticables before. I no longer use them.

The length is a key detail you left out. That can drastically affect the cost of any cables since you are stating you want to spend $500 or less.

But, without knowing the length, here are my recommendations:

Supra Classic 6.0 (inexpensive but very, very good) and can be auditioned; these have been recommended by the maker of Merlin speakers for use with his speakers

Kimber Kable 8VS- inexpensive, but very good and can also be auditioned

I have used both of these cables before.

Also, depending on the length, although I don't own them yet, I recommend the Chord Odyssey 2. As long as your length is not too long you can afford them. I don't own a pair yet but I will soon; I expect them to be outstanding. You can get a 3 meter pair with banana terminations for $425. You might be able to borrow a pair of these from the Cable Company lending library to try out.

If you are impatient and want something good without waiting to audition cables, I'd go for the Supra Classic 6.0.
When I had Ohm Walsh 2 speakers I used Emotiva Ultra speaker cables with them along with a Class D Audio amp. The sound was quite good to me and I didn't break the bank.
Run is about 8feet,single has wood floors which I'm trying to address now various ways.may soon try class D via W4Sd mint....still mulling. Have only ever used rat shack lamp cord and anticables. All money went into equipment so this a venture into unknown,maybe voodoo world:-)
Foster9, I agree with you Supra and 8Vs recce, can use 4vs just as well.
I have Chord Odyssey 2, have had for years, IMHO a fair SC at best and overpriced.
Schubert, with cables everyone's experience will be different. One of my fellow audiophiles has a great deal of experience with audiophile setups and equipment, has had the Odyssey 2's for several years, and refers to them as "great," his favorite SC's. I agree they are overpriced if purchased from the US, but are priced right if purchased from the UK.
The for all the responses. Will advise how I go and it turns out.
I'm using AlphaCore Goertz Pythons on my Gallo Ref. 3.1s connected to my Emotiva XPA-5. Sounds good, they are supposed to be electrically "correct". And they look very cool, and it boosts my audiophile street cred [smile].

But I'm not sure it sounds any better than the 12 ga. clear plastic-sheathed speaker cable I bought from Home Despot.

Lord knows, the HD cable was *much* less expensive. You might want to give it a try, it'll cost you all of $20 to experiment....

FYI, I had the Ohm Walsh 2s for many years and used the same HD 12 ga. cable running from a Denon DRA-600 receiver and also an NAD 3150/2150 bridged pair. It surely played loud and cleanly!

I tried some Cardas and Morrows with my 2.2000 & ended up going w/ Signal Cable Silver Ref, which would be in your budget range as well.

I tried Home depot 12 gauge on a lark. $10 plus another $10 for banana plugs. Sound got much cleaner, extended lows and highs and more detailed. Pretty wild. Going to live with it for a bit and then we will see. Probably upgrade ICs first as those are a mix of Morrow MA1 and Radio Shack so called premium. Had to retire early due to health last month so need to be careful about spending just as I have time mm to listen more.
i use audio art with my walsh micromtalls. very enjoyable set up
BTW, update on speaker wires. Got some Morrow SP1 cables and another set of MA1 a few weeks back. Still breaking them in. Side by side comps with the "Home Depot" specials so far make them close in terms of performance. I think the Morrows are a trifle bit smoother but am on the front end of the breakin per Mikes paperwork. The HD cables were smoother and less bright than the ACs. I will keep all of them and see how this plays out.