Reco for a low power amp to try

I am just curious about the low powered (those 5W to 12W per channel) amps and how they sound.....
Don't know any retailer in my area that would lend me one for a weekend but if I was to just buy something here and in worst case re-sell here....what would you recommend for starters ?
Hopefully something under $2,000 at first I get a sense of what 5Watts sound like....

My main concern is that I do listen to lot of prog rock (ex;  Pink Floyd) and I do like to up the volume sometimes...

PS: If you happen to live in the NJ area and would be so kind to allow me to try one out - I would be so thankful
Decware...  offerings from 2 w to 60 w....  what are you using for speakers?  That is the main factor along with room size and volume requirements.
Power amp or intergrated?
No good without speakers of 95+ sensitivity! I have Klipsch Heresy's to use with my Will Vincent SET 45 amp. A mere 1.75 wpc! Yet a good match with the Heresy! So for low power amps the speaker choice is most important!
Check out the new First Watt SIT amp from Nelson Pass. 8 watts of pure Class A power! Favorably reviewed by Herb Reichert in the February Stereophile.
For less money, a Bediini 10/10 would be a good choice. If you could find one!
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Dennis Had's little hand made tube amps are world class, and mine is the 12 wpc version of his singler ended Firebottle HO. You can contact him on Ebay (and only on Ebay seemingly) and he might make one for you, as his recent versions are generally in the 2 to 5 watt range...I prefer the massive 12 watts myself, and also am a Klipsch Heresy III devotee. My amp was bought used and 2 months old (its birthday is on the signed bottom plate) and maybe 1100 bucks, his new ones maybe $1500....a bargain in the hand made amp universe, and its the best sounding amp I've owned in over 5 decades of caring about these things.
To the OP. Reading some of your other threads and posts, it seems you change equipment often ( I am sorry ). Your Proacs are 89 db. You like Pink Floyd a bit loud ( although, probably not as loud as myself ). The Klipsch Heresys mentioned by the above posters are 10 db more efficient, so, do the math. If I were you, I would try to get a loaner, instead of making a purchase, unless, you are ok buying something, and maybe taking a loss on it if you decide to sell it because it is not what you want. I have no problem with smaller amplifiers, but they do need to match the speakers, the volume levels desired, the room layout and acoustics ( your 1/2 basement ), your listening distance to the speakers, and of course, the music being listened to, as stated by others. Enjoy ! MrD.
P.S. The new Pass Sit 3 is 18 wpc into 8 ohms, not 8, and is $4K.
BTW, If a dealer will not do a loan, offer to rent it for a day. I have done it in the past.
thanks guys !
Rob - fair point about the speakers.....I know that for low powered amps, horns or electrostatics - anything very sensitive is a must.... however, for now I am really happy with my ProAc Response D30R..... so this will have to stay for now....

mrdecibel - funny...I actually don't change my equipment very often.... quite the the last 20 yrs I had 4 or 5 amps, 5 preamps , maybe 5 different speakers and only 4 different CDP..... It may just seem this way since in the last year I decided to "rebuild" / experiment there has been  a lot of "movement" ...but even that is probably low by most A'goners standards.... 2 new preamps, 1 new speakers and 1 new CDP in the 2018 .... I would barely call it "often"
I agree with roberjerman  I have a First Watt F7 that I LOVE.  But initially was powering my 87 dB sensitivity MarkAudio Sota Cesti Bs and at 20 wpc I had to crank it up to get semi-decent volume.  My Rethm Maarga at 98 dBs makes a HUGE difference.  Now I turn volume to a 3-4 and it is louder by far than the 87 dB efficiency speakers could muster at full blast.  I think if you like to rock Floyd, you will either need to get different speakers or stick to a more 'powerful' amp.
Take a look at the low-power tube amps Music Reference is now offering. Triode, pentode, single-ended, push-pull, designed and hand-made by Roger Modjeski.