Reclocker. Anyone use a reclocker in your digital setup?

My Behringer DEQ 2496 just went belly up.
I was only using it as a reclocker and turning a Toslink to an AES/EBU wire.

I liked what it did to the signal. seemed to make it smoother.
I see a few cheaper ones. $400, $600 then a big jump to the multi grand sort.
Those cheaper ones do not go to an AES/EBU though.
I could even buy another Behringer DEQ2496 for $300.

So anyone else use a reclocker?

Hi Elizabeth,

I had good success with the Wyred4Sound's unit (Remedy?) ... but..
it worked better with older DAC's and lower resolution sources.

With my Mytek it really did nothing for me. The thing about that particular unit was that it reclocks EVERYTHING to 24/96kHz.

So today, I think you are probably better off with a newer (< 5 years) DAC than buying another reclocker.


I have been thinking about a Schitt Ygg.. but I just spent a big bundle on speakers. Maybe in a few months.
Yep, the Schiitts are also some of the more modern DAC's that really sound good regardless of the source. I'd save the money you were going to spend on the reclocker then. I went your route, and still ended up upgrading my DAC. :) 
The nice part about Schiit is that they offer upgrades. I think they offer a new USB interface as part of an upgrade.
 I have owned almost all the Schiit DAC's and each successive model up offered better reproduction than the previous (as should be expected). The Gungy and Yggy are really outstanding in regards to performance and price.
If you want to save a little bit of coin, an Ayre Codex performs on par with the Yggy, and is about half the price used.
As far as reclockers, I am looking at some of the software offerings by The Memory Player, as well as the Memory Player Mini. Laufer Tenik responds quickly to queries and his products seem worthy of consideration.
+1 Erik

If you get a well designed and built modern DAC then it will be doing reclocking for you anyway on whatever input you use.

My experience was similar to Erik but with a Benchmark DAC 3 - it doesn’t matter what cable or bridge is used - the sound is always the same because it reclocks anyway whatever the incoming jitter.