Reclock USB into Scott Nixon dac?

I got a ifi Purifier 2 for Christmas and it claims to reclock the usb signal. The Scott Nixon claims to go from usb to an I2S bus not S/PDIF. As I've heard it I2S splits clock and data from the usb unlike S/PDIF. If that's true would I lose the benefit of any reclocking from the ifi purifier?
Two things to be aware of:

Some de-jitter products don't work or make things worse.

The value of a de-jitter component has to do with how good the DAC's' input is to begin with. That is, with a DAC that has very good jitter removal already, these things won't help.
I agree but the Nixon dac is from before asynchronous dacs roamed the earth. I have heard that by converting from usb to i2s it doesn't remove clock jitter it ignores the pc's clock. I don't hear a difference but wasn't sure if I was imaging it. I like NOS dacs so I was thinking of getting rid of my Delta-Sigma stuff and move up the NOS food chain. I have no use for high resolution as I thought I would.