Recievers, Pre amps and amps.

I am new to this turntable hookup.

I have a Thorens TD 166 MKII with a Magnepan Unitrac 1 tonearm.

I was looking at getting a Vintage receiver. But know I am wondering do I need a Pre amp and a amp.

I am not even sure how you would hook up a system like that.

Any info appreciated.

Magnepan Unitrac 1 is a low mass (7g effective mass) tonearm, work best with med-high compliance cartridge. I suggest you get a inexpensive MM cartridge to setup the turntable, make sure the table and arm are in good working order before you go any further.
A restored receiver would make a nice vintage system. Not all receivers have a phono input, so you would need a separate phonostage (phono preamp) that plugs into a line input.
I also suggest you start with a MM cartridge.

Don't buy a receiver until you know what speakers you want. The receiver has to have enough power to drive the speakers.
+1 oregonpapa! Nice looking and a reasonable price!
oregonpapa, Very Nice. So just so I understand this unit comes with Preamp and amp built in? It looks great although it is probably out of my price range at present. I have read about McIntosh, Great Reviews. Any other suggestions?
Just about any vintage receiver comes with a phono preamp included. BTW, a receiver is an amp, preamp and tuner on one chassis. If you don’t need a tuner then you should look at a vintage integrated amp!
As yogi said, if you don't need a tuner purchase an integrated amp (preamp + amp in single chassis) that includes internal phonostage. I would purchase a more recent model used over a vintage one however. 
You want something with a phono pre-amp built into it. As many have said, older "all in one" receivers like Marantz 2220 that have a phono stage built in will get you started. If you want separates meaning an amp that hooks up to a pre-amp; just know that a pre-amp does not necessarily and in most cases will not have a built in phono even if it shows a phono/Aux RCA on the back unless it actually says it in the description. Now you are getting into more complex set ups where you buy yet a third component called a "phono pre-amp", and that is all it does; it works with a pre amp which runs the amp; now you have 3 components. It you are starting out on ebay and looking vintage, look for someone who offers returns and who has excellent expertise in the product or experience. Lots of research to be done. If you need a place to look up stuff use  good luck!
Have you considered a Luxman sq30 or 38u . Really nice sound and really decent phono stage built in