Reciever with input volume adjustment??

Looking for a 2-channel reciever that you can customize the input level so that when I switch between cd and tv the levels are equal. I'm trying to stay as inexpensive as possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
FWIW, if you can find one in good operating condition, some vintage Tandberg receivers, like the larger TR-2080, had individual input level adjustments on the rear panel that accomplished this.
Mapman...Back in the good old days even lowly preamps like Heathkit had input level controls for all inputs, with shorting of inputs not selected (to avoid bleed through). Gone... like the Loudness switch, Tone Controls, variable phono equalization, and the Mono switch.
Look at the Arcam integrateds like the A38 (or a used A32) for this feature.-jz