Recharging Nargra Pl-P

I traded a Nagra amp online not knowing too much about it other than the nice look and feel of its interface. Its seems that the row of D batteries are dead. I was wondering how to go about e-charging them. Or do I have to replace them? They appear to be soldered together and possibly heat-shrunk wrapped together.

This is the only reason I can think of why it would not power up, other than some other unforeseen damage, and likewise, a scam. But id like to think not.

Any suggestions?

Also, while i am at it, what sort of cables will I need to get this wired to a turntable and speakers? Any suggested brands or idea of price range? I these get to be too much I may try to sell this item, assuming it works,and at a significant discount. If that's the case, is the serial number shown inside, because there is nothing on the outside.

Thank you all.
Nagra USA service department replies;

The average lifespan of the NiCAD batteries for the PL-P are 3-5 years max.

The NiCad 'sticks' in the Nagra PL-P are spot welded then heatshrinked into a 4-cell stick.

The CCC3 Power Supply's sole purpose in life is to charge the batteries and should be attached at all times (the Nagra PL-P was NOT designed to run exclusively off the grid, the charger must be attached for best performance as battery life without the charger would be 1-2 hours tops).

Hopefully your Nagra PL-P came with the CCC3 charger supply.

If you wish to purchase new batteries, we stock the 2 stick Kit for $170.00.

Please contact:
Nagra USA
450 West Main St.
Suite B-4
Gallatin, TN 37066
I am impressed Nagra. Way to go.